If you've been following my latest (and debut) release, you know that I'm pretty happy with how things are going.  

We were fortunate enough to get some internal support from Spotify on their playlists, and we're already at over 300k plays on the platform since release in late March.

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Having my first release featured on some huge playlists (Pop Rising, Good Vibes, etc.) is cool.  It's what I was hoping for with this; to get the beginnings of Restless Modern out to the world in a pretty big way.

But there's always something more.  It's always about the "next thing."  Navigator could get 200 plays or 200 million plays and that wouldn't change.  Whether or not it is/was "successful" is irrelevant.  I'm a new artist out here in the ocean of new artists.  I have a lot to prove if I'm going to give my message a voice.

As I release more and more work, you're going to see that I'm honing in on who I am.  Honing in on what "I" sound like.  Honing in on what my message is and what I want to push in the world both as a person and as Restless Modern.  It's a long process, and I'm excited.

I'll probably never hit a metric or get an accolade that will make me feel that I've achieved "success" as an artist, no matter how crazy things get.  RM is about pushing forward, so that's what I'm going to do.