Everyone says that investing in yourself is important; in theory, recycling money back into your brand is one of the best ways to grow it.  In practice, when you don't have much to give, making risky investments in yourself is a difficult process. 

I have music behind the scenes that I have invested incredible amounts of time and energy into; tracks that are produced, written, and performed entirely solo.  The first of many.  When it comes to the releasing process (final audio engineering, visual content, promotional content, publicity), money becomes a much bigger factor than you might think.  Jake Udell of TH3RD BRAIN presumes that you have to invest ~$250,000 over some given period of time in order to effectively "activate" an artist.  I'm putting everything that I can into myself and into Restless Modern, so I hope that there are people who will believe in the vision just as much as I do.  It's coming.